Prestretched film

New product able to substitute standard stretch films. A pretty fully prestretched film has been achieve


d due to new technologies.


Compared with the standard film has just a half of its weight, and a slight tension power and compression development is only necessary to apply it. Thus an enormous physical effort required for manual pallet wrapping causing the tiredness, pains and frequent injuries is reduced. Due to the prestretched condition, adheres to the pallet as soon as it has been applied and there is no drift to get loosen during transport or storage any more. A higher transport safety has also been achieved. Due to the prestretched condition almost identic results and efficiency are available in manual pallet wrapping compared with machinery wrapping.


  • 300 m in an entire 1 kg
  • easy application and handling
  • economical wrapping
  • stronger goods coating
  • thin film can easily substitute the films of standard thickness
  • more safety wrapping
  • = more safety transport


  •  material consumption reduced by 50%
  • packing weight reduced by 50%
  • exerted power reduced by 50%
  • leavings reduced by 50%
  • working time savings represent 20%


Easy FIX plastic core

  • noble plastic execution
  • working the same way as the shaft embeded in the ball bearing
  • no more raw and burnt hands

CF 810

  • 100 mm x 300 m x 12 µm
  • 300 m length guaranteed
  • multipurpose holder
  • fixed goods or cardboard will not be damaged as on using the tape
  • sophisticated fixation

Ruční fólie bez dutinky - CORELESS

  • one multipurpose plastic core for ever
  • used cores storage and their recyclation costs elimination
  • mass savings on manual palletization
  • 100% cores leavings reduction


How the hand film is to be applied


Wrap the pallet loose just along its walls and strain the film sufficiently on the pallet edges and pull it over them. It is recommended to wrapp the pallet base approx. three times to connect the goods and the pallet properly together, and go on by regular spiral motion upwards.


Manual films advantages

  •  an essentially easier goods fixation on the pallets (stronger and consistent fixation with less film layers)
  • non-sticky, easy separable, reinforced film borders
  • neither a roll crash down from the height to an rough and hard surface cannot cause its damage
  • due to the prestretched film condition any extensive power and strain need not to be used and thus the goods or cartons damages, as often happened, are eliminated
  • a standard stretch film with prestretch grade e.g. 150 - 200% gets narrow within wrapping by even 40% so that the wrapping material surface contracts substantially and layers number will be increased and wrapping time longer. When using the film the contraction is fractional, in fact.
  • When using the film the lengths 300 and 600 m are guaranteed.
  • there is no need of cartons in deliveries - it results in cheaper and more economic transport packing.



Type standard film thickness range pallet weight
Medium CF 810 < 17 &microm < 400 kg
Extra CF 410 17 < 21 &microm < 600 kg
BF Standard 20 < 23 &microm 400-600 kg
BF Super 23 < 25 &microm 600-800 kg
BF Ultra > 25 &microm > 800 kg




Pro Stretch is a new generation of PE strechable film substituing normal stretch films of 20 - 25 mý.


It is produced from the PE material of the best quality, therefore all its mechanical charac- teristics are excellent, mainly elasticity, tenacity, resistance against perforations and ruptures, one side is optimal adhesive, other side not adhesive or highly sliding.


Prostretch films are already during the production preloaded and due to this fact they facilitate the machine and/or hand application when using simply and cheap wrapping machines without using any preloading jigs.





  • Film saves min. 50% of PE material
  • Film reduces waste by min. 50%
  • Film reduces costs of waste disposal by min. 50%
  • Wrapping time of material is shorter then 50%
  • During the wrapping the film doesn´t narrow and the wrapped surface is bigger
  • The high quality of basic material (octen LLDPE) ensures the stability and excelent level of mechanical properties of film
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